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Violence against Women Raises Risk of Cervical Cancer

University of Kentucky | January, 01 , 2009
Ann L. Coker, Claudia Hopenhayn, Christopher P. DeSimone, Heather M. Bush, Leslie Crofford | Download (7)
An emerging literature suggests that violence against women (VAW), particularly sexual violence, may increase the risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and, therefore, may be associated with cervical cancer development. The purpose of this cross-sectional analysis was to determine if women who had experienced violence had higher prevalence rates of invasive cervical cancer. Rates of cervical cancer were highest for those experiencing all three types of VAW relative to those never experiencing VAW. Because VAW is common and has gynecological health effects, asking about VAW in healthcare settings and using this information to provide tailored healthcare may improve women’s health outcomes.


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