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Domestic Violence: A Literature Review

HM Inspectorate of Probation | September, 01 , 2004
Mary Barnish | Download (83)
This literature review was prepared to accompany the HMIP thematic inspection of probation supervision of domestic violence perpetrators. Alongside the inspection report it aims to contribute to the development of effective probation and wider criminal justice practice in reducing domestic violence by enhancing knowledge, understanding and awareness of the experiences of victims/survivors, the behaviour of perpetrators, the extent of the harm done by domestic violence, and the effectiveness of interventions to reduce it. In line with the inspection remit, the review focuses on domestic violence perpetrated against partners and ex-partners. It also concentrates largely on male to female violence, consonant with the evidence concerning predominant abuse trends. Whilst the review occasionally touches on policy and legal frameworks and wider community responses, its main focus is on the issues which should inform criminal justice practice and the themes most salient for the probation service in working to increase the safety of women and children affected by domestic violence and in holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.


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