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Breastfeeding Knowledge, Practice, Attitudes, and Influencing Factors: Findings from a Selected Sample of Breastfeeding Mothers in Bemidji, Minnesota

Minnesota State University, Mankato | December, 01 , 2014
Hadeel Adnan Tanash | Download (0)
This study was designed to describe breastfeeding knowledge, attitudes, practice and influencing factors among breastfeeding mothers in Bemidji, MN. This cross sectional study allowed the researcher to determine trends and other information about the sample in the Bemidji area. The participants for this study were breastfeeding mothers who gave a birth at Sanford Health located in Bemidji, MN. A written data collection instrument containing forty nine questions was used to collect data. The findings of this study showed that the participants were knowledgeable about breastfeeding and that they had positive attitudes toward breastfeeding. Also, the findings indicated that most of the mothers had received help from hospital staff regarding breastfeeding practice and most of the mothers had breastfed their baby just after birth or in less than one hour after birth.


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