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Understanding Mental Health in the Research Environment

RAND Europe | June, 01 , 2017
Susan Guthrie, Catherine Lichten, Janna van Belle, Anna Knack, Joanna Hofman, Sarah Ball | Download (15)
This study aims to establish what is currently known about the mental health of researchers based on the existing literature. The causes and triggers of poor mental health are complex and not fully understood. There is evidence that the vast majority of people who experience poor mental health in adulthood first experienced difficulties as children, often from a young age. Risk factors for poor mental health include having a parent with mental health difficulties, growing up in prolonged poverty and housing insecurity, experiences of abuse, neglect and bullying, and traumatic experiences during childhood. Some groups of people have a heightened risk of poor mental health, including some black and ethnic minority communities, people with long-term physical conditions, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and people with disabilities.


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