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MUKTA: A journey from dark to dawn – A doctor’s experience of responding to violence against women in India

Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) | June, 10 , 2021
Jyoti Rokade | Download (1)
Project implemented by Miraj Medical College in collaboration with the Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes and the World Health Organization Violence of any kind, towards any person, is an unacceptable act performed from a position of dominance and power. Different sectors of society are working towards addressing the sensitive issue of violence. Violence against women remains an unaddressed and unresolved issue around the world. It ranges from verbal to physical and sexual abuse, and sometimes murder. Intimate partner violence is part of domestic violence. Women who experience violence are affected physically and, often more so, psychologically. In these cases, health care providers (HCPs) can provide much support. Women who come for health care may intend to disclose more information, but by the time they reach the HCP, they decide against it and share only minor details. If the HCP is not trained to listen keenly to patients and observe that there is more to the issue than what he or she is being told, the HCP may miss the clues that indicate abuse, and patients will only be treated symptomatically. It is, therefore, the responsibility of HCPs to be attentive to identify these cases and to provide essential services. HCPs are in a unique position to create a safe and confidential environment that encourages victims to disclose violence, offer appropriate support, and refer victims to other resources and services.


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