Female Inequality and the Spreading of HIV/AIDS – A Gender-Based Study

Södertörn University | January, 01 , 2010
Sara Söderström | Download (207)
The spreading of HIV/AIDS has a gendered dimension. In this essay the focus has been on the gender roles that create different spheres for the sexes and how they are connected to the spreading of HIV/AIDS. The construction of masculinity hinders the HIV preventing efforts due to the social demands of having several partners and the dislike of using condoms. Sometimes it also results in gender-based violence. The female gender role narrows the possibilities for women to protect themselves. The women are struck harder by the disease because they are in a disadvantageous position in society where they have few means of economic independence and no control over their own bodies in their sexual relationships. The key is to change the gendered domain and the attitudes toward both men and women.


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