Advancing Cervical Cancer Prevention in India – Insights from Research and Program

Health, Nutrition and Population (HNP) - The World Bank | October, 01 , 2013
Suneeta Krishnan, Emily Madsen, Deborah Porterfield, Beena Varghese | Download (198)
Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality in India, accounting for 17 percent of all cancer deaths among women age 30 to 69 years. At current incidence rates, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the annual burden of new cases in India will increase to nearly 225,000 by 2025. Despite the considerable burden of cervical cancer morbidity and mortality in India, there are few large-scale, organized cervical cancer prevention programs in the country. The paper reviewed the research literature and conducted interviews with individuals engaged in research and public health program implementation to identify important elements of cervical cancer prevention efforts in India and implementation issues that merit further investigation.


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