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Integrating gender perspectives in gynecology and obstetrics: Engaging medical colleges in Maharashtra, India

Published By :International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 2019; 145: 253–257, PDF at Wiley Online.
Published On  May 01, 2019

Failure to acknowledge the impact of sex and gender differences affects the quality of health care provision, and is an impediment to reducing health inequities. Systematic efforts were initiated in M...

Child Abuse and Neglect by Parents and Other Caregivers

Published By :World Health Organization (WHO)
Published On  Jan 01, 2015

Child abuse has for a long time been recorded in literature, art and science in many parts of the world. Reports of infanticide, mutilation, abandonment and other forms of violence against children da...

Research on Domestic Violence Against Children Aged 0-8 Years in Turkey

Published By :Aile Cocuk Siddet
Published On  May 01, 2014

Research on Domestic Violence Against Children Aged 0-8 Years in Turkey Violence that children suffer has many negative impacts on their lives. Circumstances of neglect that emerge when a child’s hea...

Links Between Childhood Physical Abuse and Intimate Partner Aggression: The Mediating Role of Anger Expression

Published By :Springer Publishing Company
Published On  Nov 03, 2012

Research linking childhood physical abuse (CPA) and adult intimate partner aggression (IPA) has focused on individuals without sufficient attention to couple processes. In this study, 109 couples repo...




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