Research Papers
Changing Oral Contraceptives from Prescription to Over-the-Counter Status: An Opinion Statement of the Women’s Health Practice and Research Network of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy
Addressing the issue of unintended pregnancy is a national priority. One proposed strategy to reduce unintended pregnancy is to improve access to oral contraceptives by changing them to over-the-counter (OTC) status. Existing data indicate that oral contraceptives meet safety criteria required of OTC products. Available literature demonstrates that women can self-screen for contraindications to oral contraceptives and can do this as well as clinicians, and experience with OTC emergency con
Alicia Forinas, Shareen Y. El-Ibiary,
01 Jan 2011
American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)
Silencing of Voice: An Act of Structural Violence
This article reports some of the preliminary findings of an ongoing participatory research study exploring the provision of health and social services for urban Aboriginal communities in the Okanagan Valley. In particular, the article examines how colonial structures and systems have worked to silence Aboriginal women’s voices and how this has affected the ways in which urban Aboriginal women seek out health services. The article addresses these issues through the voices of the Aboriginal women
Donna L. M. Kurtz, Jessie C. Nyberg,
01 Jan 2008
National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)
Mental Health Research in India
The monograph presents a series of studies that were carried out, these include studies of phenomenology, natural history and outcome of psychiatric disorders, Acute psychosis, Schizophrenia, Depression. Clinical descriptive studies were also carried out on psychiatric, neurological, psychosocial and behavioural aspects of HIV infected patients. Another descriptive clinical study explored the illness behaviour in patients presenting with chronic pain.
Bela Shah, Rashmi Parhee,
01 Jan 2010
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
Global Burden of Cancer in Women - Current Status, Trends, and Interventions
This report summarizes the current burden of cancer among women worldwide, along with information on risk factors, economic burden, and cancer control measures. Many high income countries have their own national recommendations or programs for cancer control. Throughout this report, which primarily present recommendations and guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), as they are more likely to be applicable to LMICs.
American Cancer Society
01 Jan 2010
American Cancer Society
Women — The Picture of Health A Review of Research on Women’s Health in Ireland
This review describes the extent of research on women’s health in Ireland and assesses its adequacy as a basis for policy. Distinguishing between data collection and data analysis as components of research, the findings of the review could be summarised thus: there are some areas of women’s health on which we do not have any data; in other areas data are collected but the data collection methods need to be gender proofed to ensure they are capable of revealing accurately the situation regarding
Catherine Conlon
01 Jan 2010
The Women’s Health Council
Maternal Health and HIV in Sub- Saharan Africa
This research and evaluation agenda synthesizes existing knowledge and frames priority research questions that must be answered to improve maternal health in the context of sub-Saharan Africa’s HIV pandemic. The agenda also seeks to provide guidance to researchers, programmers, and policymakers about how to advance research and evaluation relevant for policy, programs, and service delivery in the short- and medium-term.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
01 Jan 2014
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



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