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Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Research in Africa: A Systematic Review from a Public Health Perspective

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By BMC Women's Health

Cervical cancer research in African countries has increased steadily over the past decade, but more is needed. Tertiary prevention (i.e. treatment of disease with effective medicine) and quality of li...

The Determinants of Women's Health in Northern Rural and Remote Regions

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By University of Northern British Columbia

Research into the determinants of women's health has been an emerging field that is gaining ground in the Canadian health research arena. Decision-makers are beginning to realize the need for clear...

Gender Inequities and Women's Health

Category Institutinal_Papers | Publish By PATH

Women’s health is affected not only by their biological differences from men, but also by gender-based social, cultural, and economic inequities. Gender inequities begin at birth when a preference for...

The Social Context of Women's Health: Goals and Objectives for Medical Education

Category Papers | Publish By Canadian Medical Association Journal

The Women's Health lnter-school Curriculum Committee of Ontario has developed goals and objectives for medical education based on a definition of women's health that includes emotional, social, cultur...

Women, Gender Equality and Diabetes

Category Papers | Publish By International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Discussion of women, gender equality, and diabetes, mandates on women's health which highlight the need for equal access to information, prevention activities, services, and care across the life cycle...

Treating Women with Osteoporosis: Review and NPWH Survey Results

Category Papers | Publish By The National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health

The article reviews osteoporosis, including basic facts about the disease, risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. In addition, it presents findings of a National Association of Nurse Pra...

Gender Matters: An Integrated Model for Understanding Men's and Women's Health

Category Papers | Publish By Social Science & Medicine

Health research has failed to adequately explore the combination of social and biological sources of differences in men's and women's health. Consequently, scientific explanations often proceed from r...

Construction of Masculinity in India: A Gender and Sexual Health Perspective

Category Papers | Publish By Journal of Family Welfare

Indian masculinities have been approached and studied from a variety of perspectives. Among these, gender perspective has clearly dominated the discourse and has gained much greater momentum particula...

Human Trafficking: The Role of the Health Care Provider

Category Papers | Publish By Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health

Human trafficking is a major public health problem, both domestically and internationally. Health care providers are often the only professionals to interact with trafficking victims who are still in...

Embedding Concepts of Sex and Gender Health Differences into Medical Curricula

Category Papers | Publish By Journal of Women’s Health

Sex, a biological variable, and gender, a cultural variable, define the individual and affect all aspects of disease prevention, development, diagnosis, progression, and treatment. Sex and gender are...




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