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Discussion on gender mainstreaming in university curricula

A symposium entitled ‘Gender mainstreaming in university curricula’ was recent­ly organised by the Uni­ver­sity of Malta’s Gender Issues Committee (GIC). Read more

Too Many Doctors Are Failing LGBTQ Patients. Medical Schools Want to Change That

You can’t deliver proper care to a patient you don’t truly see. Too often, medical providers aren’t even taught how to look at sexual and gender minority patients. Read more

Transgender student wins appeal in final week of school

A federal appeals court says a transgender student who identifies as a male should be able to use the boys’ bathroom at his Wisconsin high school. Read more

Tamil Nadu, once a pioneering state for welfare of transgenders, now shuns the third gender

The Transgender Welfare Board sign at the office on Patel street in Perambur has been taken down, and the flat now serves as Jeeva’s home and office. If one wants to visit the board, the members are absent, but anyone who wants to know the state of affair of the board meets the director of social welfare, who now functions as the entire board. Read more

High school girl organizes symposium to address gender gap in technology fields

Community School student Alexandra Jabbarpour, 16, organized a symposium that brought influential women from the technology and medical industries to the Jefferson Center. Read more

More Than Bikini Medicine

Historically, called bikini medicine, women's health care, as many think of it, has been contained to those body parts covered by a bikini. Read more

At least 120 schools adopt gender-neutral uniforms, charity says

At least 120 schools now have a gender-neutral school uniform policy, and primary schools are adopting the stance faster than secondary schools, a charity that develops LGBT training in schools has said. Read more

Safe Schools booklet: LGBTI teens could seek gender-changing treatment without parents’ consent

A BOOKLET connected to the controversial Safe Schools program discusses how teenagers may get gender-changing treatment without the knowledge of their parents. Read more

Physician-Mothers Perceive Discrimination

Gender-based inequalities among physicians may partially stem from attitudes about aspects of motherhood, according to results of a cross-sectional survey published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Read more

New York City Schools Now Require Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms

A new decision from the New York City Department of Education will make a vital change for transgender and gender non-conforming students in the city's public schools. Read more



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