Research Papers

Towards Realising Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Eastern and Southern Africa: Promoting Rights and Responsibilities Beyond the Individual

Sexual and reproductive rights have been on the international health policy agenda since the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in 1994 [1, 2]. International human rights la

Joanna Crichton, Celestine Nyamu-Musembi, Johannes John-Langba, Sally Theobald
01 Jan 2010

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

The study updates knowledge on the provision of sexual education and reproductive rights in the European Union. It involved a review of recent research and data on sexual and reproductive health, and

Schools for Health in Europe
01 Jan 2016

Our Other Reproductive Choices: Equality in Sex Education, Contraceptive Access, and Work-Family Policy

Reproductive rights are traditionally understood to be protected by the privacy aspect of the due process liberty guarantee, but equal protection is also at the heart of the matter. Many of us intui

Cornelia T. Pillard
01 Feb 2010

People Speak

Gender: Mainstreaming it in Medical Education An Interview with Dr. Sundari Ravindran

TK Sundari Ravindran has a PhD in Applied Economics and is currently professor at the Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies,

Dr. Sundari Ravindran

In the interview with Dr. Sundari Ravindran talks about the present status of our healthcare system and focuses the importance of gender sensitive medical services. She also discusses about her own experience and highlights the gaps in understandings among medical professionals in regard to gender issues in medicine.

GME Situation Analysis

Gender in Medical Education: Perceptions of Medical Educators

The report is based on a study conducted among medical educators in seven medical colleges in Maharashtra regarding their perceptions on the relevance of gender in medical education. The study was und

Priya John, Amruta Bavadekar, Ameerah Hasnain, Asilata Karandikar
01 Dec 2015

Other Papers

Action Plan for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Development Cooperation

This action plan sets targets and stakes out the course for the realization of women’s rights and gender equality both as a separate priority area and as an integral dimension in the Government’s ot

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
01 Jan 2014

The Reproductive Rights Movement: 1914-Present

The movement began with a focus on birth control, but interwove with the eugenics and sterilization movements, and eventually expanded its focus on abortion rights as well. Throughout the history of r

Angela Badore
05 May 2012



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