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Breaking the mould: Redefining gender in medical education in India

The role of gender as a social determinant of health is widely studied and accepted in global and national contexts alike. A key area of concern has been the inadequate and inaccurate representation

Surbhi Shrivastava, Sangeeta Rege
10 Mar 2021

Mistreatment of women in the labour rooms of India: A call to action

There is mounting evidence, globally and in India, of mistreatment of women at the time of childbirthin health facilities. Women in labour are beaten, slapped, physically restrained, verbally abused a

Durga Vernekar, Sangeeta Rege
01 Feb 2020

Integrating gender perspectives in gynecology and obstetrics: Engaging medical colleges in Maharashtra, India

Failure to acknowledge the impact of sex and gender differences affects the quality of health care provision, and is an impediment to reducing health inequities. Systematic efforts were initiated in M

Sangeeta Rege, Padma Bhate-Deosthali, Pravin Shingare, Srinivas Gadappa, Sonali Deshpande, Nandkishore Gaikwad, Shailesh Vaidya
01 May 2019

People Speak

Gender: Mainstreaming it in Medical Education An Interview with Dr. Sundari Ravindran

TK Sundari Ravindran has a PhD in Applied Economics and is currently professor at the Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies,

Dr. Sundari Ravindran

In the interview with Dr. Sundari Ravindran talks about the present status of our healthcare system and focuses the importance of gender sensitive medical services. She also discusses about her own experience and highlights the gaps in understandings among medical professionals in regard to gender issues in medicine.

GME Situation Analysis

Integrating Gender in Medical Education: Forensic Medicine and Toxicology: Gender Integrated Modules for MBBS. A Guide for Medical Teachers

Integrating Gender in Medical Education is an initiative of Centre for Enquiry Into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT), Directorate or Medical Education and Research (DMER), Maharashtra University of He

Centre for Enquiry Into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT)
01 Jan 2017

Other Papers

In Medical Education, an Uphill Road To Eliminate Gender Biases

# An essay prompt in a final-year paper for Bachelor of Ayurvedic and Medicine Surgery students in Karnataka was: “Women as an aphrodisiac medicine/syrup”. # Sexism in medicine is not a new phenomeno

Amruta Bavadekar, Sangeeta Rege
28 Jun 2022

Gender equity in India’s medical education is still out of reach

A review of five subjects in the undergraduate medical education curriculum found that they do a poor job of integrating the social determinants of health. Perhaps the most notable absence is issues p

Sangeeta Rege, Ajinkya Deshmukh, Amruta Bavadekar
24 Oct 2021



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